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Mission Statement

Roosevelt High School will establish an environment which emphasizes academics, develops values, and addresses individual needs to help prepare students to become contributing members of our global society.


Roosevelt High School provides a vigorous academic program utilizing the classical and traditional methods of education which will foster the students' drive towards the "Pursuit of Excellence"

Roosevelt High School serves a culturally and economically diverse population drawing from all parts of the city of Yonkers thus providing the opportunity for each group of students to make a contribution to each others development.

Each student will study mathematics and science which will become their basis for understanding the physical world and modern technologies. Foreign Language, the humanities, and the arts are all part of the academic curriculum for each student to follow. In addition, physical and health education will contribute towards the development of the solid mind and body.

These required studies taken together are intended to establish a sense of self worth and to develop a measure of self confidence and to inspire a love of learning.